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Taming the Sicilian
Titel: Taming the Sicilian
Auteur: Davies N.
Jaartal: 2002
Taal: Engels
Aantal pagina's:   144
Verkoopprijs:   Ä 20.00
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006 Bibliography
007 Introduction
009 1 The Najdorf Variation
022 2 The Classical Variation
039 3 The Scheveningen Variation
058 4 The Paulsen and Taimanov Variations
073 5 The Kan Variation
082 6 The Pelikan-Sveshnikov Variation
096 7 The LŲwenthal, Kalashnikov and other ...e7-e5 Lines
107 8 The Dragon and other ...g6 Lines
124 9 Other Lines
139 Index of Variations
143 Index of Complete Games  

Catalogue text:

The Sicilian Defence is Black's most ambitious and popular defence to 1 e4. Finding a suitable weapon against it has taxed many a grandmaster's brain. Should White dive into the labyrinth of mountainous theory and complications, in which the player who knows the latest theoretical wrinkle is likely to prevail, or should White abstain and instead head for the more tranquil waters of the various Anti-Sicilians on offer? Perhaps the answer lies somewhere in-between! In this book, Grandmaster Nigel Davies tackles the Open Sicilian head on, but still develops an easy-to-use system for White based upon the fianchetto of the king's bishop. Davies arms the readers with an impressive repertoire which enables them to face the Sicilian Defence with renewed confidence

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