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Who dares Wins!
Titel: Who dares Wins!
Auteur: D'Costa L.
Uitgever: Everyman
Jaartal: 2010
Taal: Engels
Aantal pagina's:   190
Verkoopprijs:   Ä 20.00
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Both players are gunning for each other's kings. Whose attack will break through first? This is a typical scenario in chess games. In such tense battles where one slip can be fatal, often it's a case of 'who dares wins'. But it's not enough to throw your pieces up the board and hope for the best. To succeed you need to acquire sophisticated attacking and defensive skills. The good news is that they can easily be learned, remembered and put into practice.

In this book, Lorin D'Costa presents a comprehensive study of opposite-side castling and the crucial techniques needed both in attack and defence. He tackles all the key subjects, including sacrificing, speed of attack, strong and weak defensive formations, when to delay or avoid castling, and much more. Studying this book will allow you to approach these frequent situations with confidence.

  • An essential guide to attacking and defending the king
  • Includes more than 60 instructive and entertaining games
  • Covers the crucial tactical and positional ideas

Lorin D'Costa is an International Master and one of the most rapidly improving players in the UK. He's also an experienced chess teacher who trains some of the UK's top junior players.


'You know, you just throw your pawns at them or something,' replied one of my students when I asked him what happens when players castle on opposite sides. This confirmed to me just what I had thought: it was not obvious at all what you should do when it does occur!

This book mainly focuses on attacking, as let's face it, we all dream of whipping up an attack and delivering a beautiful checkmate to crown it all off! Of course, how to do this is another matter. Fortunately, it is possible to familiarize yourself with the key attacking formations, plans and themes to help you achieve that wonderful aim of saying 'checkmate' at the end of the game. Conversely, if you are the one being attacked, there are a number of defensive measures you can learn to help beat off the attack, and these are also discussed in this book.

I have tried to include a wide variety of openings to make the book as accessi­ble as possible to all players, because everyone has their pet lines they prefer to play. This variety also helps to demonstrate that it is in fact possible to attack from almost any opening, whether you are White or Black, despite the stigma some openings have of being rather dull.

One thing I noticed when writing this book was that many of the games con­tained not just one attacking or defensive theme, but several. This meant it was difficult to finalize a chapter list, and to decide which games went where. I defi­nitely recommend taking the time out to go through all the games on a board, in order to become familiar with all the attacking and defensive concepts the games offer.

In short, I hope that you will find this book entertaining and instructive, and that you will take as much pleasure from reading it as I have had in writing it.

Lorin D'Costa

Royston, Hertfordshire, England

December 2009

005 Preface


007 Stripping the pawn cover

015 Spicing up the position

022 Trapping the king in the centre

028Piece Power

028 Pawn storm or piece play?

035 Target acquired: training pieces towards the king

039The Battering Ram

039 H is for Hack! Attacking the fianchetto

044 G is for Gamble! Throwing the g-pawn

057 Staring down the barrel: semi-open and open files

065 Attacking unmoved pawn formations

072The Hand Grenade

072 Attacking when the centre is open

076 Opening the centre to your advantage

081Need for Speed: Quick Attacks

081 The straight race

089 Shoot on sight!

094 Time is of the essence

104The Boa Constrictor

104 The snake bite

111 Knowing when to attack

117Typical Attacking Themes

117 The Nd5 sacrifice

127 The Nf5 sacrifice

133 Sacrifices on the h7-square

139 The Greek gift: a bishop sacrifice on h7

143 A rook sacrifice down the h-file

144 The ...Rxc3 exchange sacrifice

148Entering the War Zone

148 Castling into it

150 Don't delay: castle right away!

152 Delaying castling in order to attack

155Guarding the King

155 Don't hit the panic button!

159 Advancing the guard: a3 and ...h6

164 Strong and weak defensive structures

170Follow the Leader

170 How the world champions did it

188 Index of Openings

189 Index of Games

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