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Prepare To Attack
Titel: Prepare To Attack
Auteur: Lane G.
Uitgever: Everyman Chess
Jaartal: 2010
Taal: Engels
Aantal pagina's:   192
Verkoopprijs:   Ä 20.00
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"Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe." Abraham Lincoln

There's no escaping the fact: if you want to win chess games, you have to attack at some point. Many players are happy solving combinations in winning positions, when the hard work is already done, but the key to a successful attack undoubtedly comes much earlier. No-one can attack effectively if they haven't prepared properly, and yet planning in chess can be a difficult technique to master, even for experienced players.

This book provides a solution. Using an abundance of illustrative games and examples, Gary Lane answers the questions which constantly puzzle players of all levels. How should I plan after the opening? Where are my opponent's weaknesses? Do I have enough pieces in the attack? When should I strike? Do I need to sacrifice? Should I cash in or continue to attack? Read this book, discover the answers and attack with confidence!

  • An essential guide to attacking chess
  • Introduces easy-to-learn techniques
  • Focuses on planning and strategy

Gary Lane is an International Master and a former Commonwealth Champion, and has represented Australia in three Chess Olympiads. He's a popular chess writer and also an experienced trainer.

005 Introduction

015 1) Count the Pieces

040 2) Carry on Attacking

058 3) Direct Attacks from the Opening

094 4) Secrets of Success

114 5) Cashing in Your Chips

140 6) History Always Repeats Itself

170 7) Tricks of the Trade

190 Index of Openings

191 Index of Complete Games


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