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School of Chess Excellence 3 : Strategic Play
Titel: School of Chess Excellence 3 : Strategic Play
Auteur: Dvoretsky M.
Jaartal: 2002
Taal: Engels
Aantal pagina's:   232
Verkoopprijs:   Ä 25.00
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007 Preface

Part six
008 Positional Play
009 The logic of a positional battle
019 Which pawn to advance?
023 Undermining pawn moves
030 The blocking of passed pawns
036 The two bishops
040 An unusual exchange
046 Mistakes, mistakes
054 Advantage in space
062 Routes for the rook
069 Don't forget about prophylaxis!
078 'Mysterious' rook moves
082 Training with grandmasters
090 What is meant by a strategic plan?
097 How a plan is formulated
102 Clash of plans
109 The initiative
120 I seek a win
130 An 'easy' win
137 Exercises for analysis

Part seven
141 Simple Positions
143 Attack with a small army
149 Abundance of possibilities
157 A memorable loss
164 When technique lets you down
169 The scales tipped
174 A course in tactics
178 Defend actively!
181 Failure to take the initiative
186 Turning points
194 Exercises for analysis

196 Solutions to exercises


229 Index of exercises by thinking skills and types of problems to be solved
231 Index of players  

Catalogue text:

This third volume in Mark Dvoretskyīs course is devoted to questions of strategy, and is aimed at improving the readerīs positional understanding. The author also examines a number of positions that lie on the boundary between the middlegame and endgame.
As in the other books of the series, he uses examples from his own games and those of his pupils, together with original analyses of episodes from other playersīgames.

"My books may or may not be liked, but it is unlikely that they could have been any different. I demonstrate examples that are memorable to me in the way that I myself see them, and I describe the chess and psychological mechanisms in the same way that I explain them in lessons to my pupils. I am sure that an attempt to deliberately correct, and artificially simplify the material would have led to a significant lowering of its quality, and a distortion of the chess patterns generated in the mind of the author, and, I hope, subsequently also in the mind of the reader..."
Mark Dvoretsky

This book is also available in the German edition under the title Geheimnisse der Schachslrategie.

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