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Chess Tactics for the Tournament Player
Titel: Chess Tactics for the Tournament Player
Auteur: Palatnik S. & Alburt L.
Uitgever: CIRC
Jaartal: 1995
Taal: Engels
Aantal pagina's:   242
Verkoopprijs:   Ä 15.00
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V Foreword
VII Introduction
001 Lesson One.
Tactical Play
021 Lesson Two:
Decoy, Deflection, Obstruction / Blocking, Pin, Skewer
046 Lesson Three:
Clearing a Square, Clearing a Line, Clearing a Diagonal and Interference
066 Lesson Four:
Double Attack, Discovered Attack, Discovered Check, Double Check, X-Ray, In - Between Move
094 Lesson Five:
Exploiting the Vulnerable King, Breaking Down the Defense, Removing the King's Pawn Cover
129 Lesson Six:
The Sacrifice on f7, Sacrificing a Bishop on h7, Lasker's Combination, The Sacrifice on g7
163 Lesson Seven:
The Back Rank, The 7th rank, Overloading, Far Advanced Pawn
193 Lesson Eight:
Stalemate, Perpetual Check, Pursuit
214 Lesson Nine:
Learning to Calculate Variations, Avoiding Errors in Calculation, Typical Psychological Errors
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Catalogue text:

Chess Tactics for the tournament player is the third volume in Grandmaster Lev Alburt's Comprehensive Chess Course series. Endorsed by world champion Garry Kasparov as revealing "the once-secret Russian method of chess training", the first two volumes used only materials that worked well in former U.S.S.R. Five-time U.S. chess champion GM Larry Evans calls the current book "a highly instructive primer in tactics." It contains hundreds strikingly beautiful positions arranged by difficulty and designed to sharpen tactical recognition and vision. Nothing is left to chance in this work. All materials have already shown their worth in Russian chess instruction.

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