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Storming the Barricades
Titel: Storming the Barricades
Auteur: Christiansen L.
Jaartal: 2000
Taal: Engels
Aantal pagina's:   174
Verkoopprijs:   Ä 22.00
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004 Symbols
005 Introduction

006 Evolution of an Attacking Player
027 Attack: General Considerations
043 Ripping Apart the King Position
068 King-Hunting
083 How Not to Attack
104 Seizing Opportunities
128 Creating and Exploiting Weaknesses
144 Larry Christiansenīs Eleven Favourite Attacking Games of the 1990s

175 Index of Players
176 Index of Openings  

Catalogue text:

A top-class grandmaster takes more than 50 real-life positions, breaks each one down into its key elements and explains the right strategy for coducting a successful attack. The examples are selected to illustrate a wide variety of attacking themes and to provide an instructive and accurate picture of how modern players attack and defend.
Many books provide training in how to round off a successful attack with a final combination, but thatīs really just the easy part. This book tackles the vital phases of deciding how and where to attack in the first place, and to build up the offensive without giving the opponent real counter-chances. Larry Christiansen is highly respected by his gandmaster colleagues for his ability to conjure up dangerous attacking chances from almost any position.

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