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The King in Jeopardy
Titel: The King in Jeopardy
Auteur: Alburt L. & Palatnik S.
Uitgever: CIRC
Jaartal: 1999
Taal: Engels
Aantal pagina's:   249
Verkoopprijs:   Ä 14.95
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007 Foreword
009 Introduction

Part I:
The King in the Center
013 Lesson One: Attacking the King in the Center
014 Principles for attacking the uncastled king

015 Sacrifice to open lines (Morphy - Amateur)
020 Punishment for losing time in the opening (Anderssen - Kieseritsky)
028 Exchanging to prevent castling (Steinitz - von Bardeleben)
034 Lack of harmony (Tchigorin - Salwe)
038 A practical decision (Gruenfeld - Spielmann)
046 Opening or middlegame? (Tolush - Botvinnik)
054 Unexpected sacrifice (Holmov - Keres)
060 Nowhere to hide (Fischer - Rubinetti)
065 Probing for weaknesses (Fischer - Dely)
068 Pursuit (Tatai - Karpov)
071 Suicide (Anand - Kasparov)

077 Lesson Two: When the King is Safe in the Center

078 Is castling necessary? (Kmoch-Alekhine)
081 Harmonious regrouping (Kotov - Keres)
086 Correctly evaluating the king in the center

087 Exercises for Part I

Part II:
Attacks with Same-Side Castling
097 Lesson Three: Piece Attacks with Same-Side Castling

099 The stronger side must attack! (Steinitz - MacDonnell)
103 Piece attacks against weak pawn structure

103 Target on g6 (Spielmann - Honlinger)
107 Target on h6 (Capablanca - Levenfish)
109 Invading weak squares (Alatortsev - Boleslavsky)
113 (Smyslov - Stahlberg)
116 Lack of harmony (Kasparov - Marjanovic)
118 (Kasparov - Pribyl)
119 Weak diagonal (Alekhine - Alexander)
125 Unprepared attack (Capablanca - Becker)
127 Piece attacks against strong pawn structure

128 Combination to increase activity (Euwe - Keres)
132 Exchanging to increase activity (Tal - Najdorf)
136 Sacrifice to divert defenders (Alekhine - Sterk)
138 The importance of greater activity in piece attacks
139 Open and closed positions
139 Counterattack

141 Successful counterattack against overextended attacker (Geller - Euwe)

145 Lesson Four: Pawn Attacks with Same-Side Castling
146 Attacking with one pawn

146 Creating a weakness (Reti-Alekhine)
152 Opening a file (Lasker - Capablanca)
156 Activating every piece (Botvinnik - Vidmar)
158 Advancing prematurely (Brinkman - Bogolyubov)
161 Wing thrust vs. central counterplay (Unzicker - Reshevsky)
165 Attacking with multiple pawns

166 Space advantage (Gereban - Smyslov)
172 Slow buildup (Reti - Carls)
175 Opening files (Alekhine - Astalosh)
179 Queenside counterplay (Bisguier - Petrosian)
184 Transition to the endgame (Riumin - Kan)
187 Exercises for Part II

Part III: Attacks with Opposite-Side Castling
197 Lesson Five: Attacks with Opposite-Side Castling

198 Superior mobility and coordination (Bird - Morphy)
200 No counterplay (Capablanca - Janowsky)
204 Open lines at any cost (Tchigorin - Pillsbury)
209 (Rubinstein - Teichmann)
212 Attacking the fianchetto (Spassky - Evans)
216 (Boleslavsky - Geller)
223 Invasion on the a-file (Gereban - Geller)
229 Extending a diagonal (Razuvayev - Kapengut)
233 Kingside majority (Alekhine - Marshall)
236 Exercises for Part III

245 Conclusion
248 Index of Games

Catalogue text:

The King in Jeopardy: the Best Techniques for Attack and Defense is the fourth volume in Grandmaster Lev Alburt's Comprehensive Chess Course series. Endorsed by world champion Garry Kasparov as revealing "the once-secret Russian method of chess training," the first two volumes used only materials that worked well in the former Soviet Union. The current volume's predecessor in this series, Chess Tactics for the Tournament Player (Volume III in the series), was acclaimed by legendary former Chess Life Editor Larry Parr as "the best thing ever written for achieving quick improvement in tactical play."

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