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101 Winning Chess Strategies
Titel: 101 Winning Chess Strategies
Auteur: Dunnington A.
Uitgever: Gambit
Jaartal: 1999
Taal: Engels
Aantal pagina's:   128
Verkoopprijs:   € 19.00
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004 Introduction
005 Symbols

006 Irregular Flank Openings (Traps 1-2)
008 English Opening (Traps 3-9)
015 1 d4 Miscellaneous (Traps 10-17)
023 Modern Benoni (Traps 18-19)
025 Dutch Defence (Trap 20)
026 1 e4 Miscellaneous (Traps 21-22)
029 Centre Counter (Trap 23)
030 Pirc Defence (Traps 24-25)
032 Caro-Kann Defence (Traps 26-33)
040 Sicilian Defence (Traps 34-44)
052 French Defence (Traps 45-49)
057 1 e4 e5 Miscellaneous (Traps 50-52)
061 Petroff Defence (Traps 53-54)
063 Scotch Gambit (Traps 55-56)
065 Two Knights Defence (Trap 57)
066 Ruy Lopez (Traps 58-67)
076 1 d4 d5 Miscellaneous (Trap 68)
077 Queen's Gambit Miscellaneous (Traps 69-71)
080 Queen's Gambit Accepted (Traps 72-76)
085 Queen's Gambit Declined (Traps 77-86)
096 Grünfeld Defence (Traps 87-88)
098 Catalan Opening (Trap 89)
099 Bogo-Indian Defence (Trap 90)
100 Queen's Indian Defence (Traps 91-95)
106 Nimzo-Indian Defence (Traps 96-97)
108 King's Indian Defence (Traps 98-100)
111 The Game that Started it all (Trap 101)  

Catalogue text:
This collection of superb opening traps is essential reading for any chess player.
The only thing more humiliating than losing a game quickly is to lose a game quickly to a known opening trap. On the other hand, the easy point scored by the trapper is a great confidence booster, and allows the winner a good rest before the next game in a competition.
As the traps in this book show, no one should feel safe from an opponent armed to the teeth with cunning traps - in these pages we regularly see masters losing in a handful of moves.
Steve Giddins has collected these traps from a wide variety of sources, and has focused his attention on risk-free traps - those that can be laid ´incidentally´ by moves that are good and useful even if the opponent avoids the trap.

  • All major openings covered
  • Focuses on traps that club players are most likely to fall for
  • Provides excellent training in tactics
  • Shows opening principles in - frequently brutal - action

Steve Giddins
is a FIDE Master from England who plays regularly in international events. As a fluent Russian speaker who has recently been based in Moscow, he has access to sources not normally available in the West. He contributes frequently to the British Chess Magazine.


Steve Giddins recently had the tournament of his life at the Lost Boys Open in Antwerpen. The year old Kent player beat two 2500+ players and reached his IM Norm with a round to spare. His lively mind is also very much in evidence in this most enjoyable collection of traps from a wide range of openings. The tricks included here are of the kind that you could well get the chance to spring in practical play. Some are seen time and again, even at international level where grandmasters have been known to get caught out! There are three diagrams for each trap so you may not always need to set up a board and men. Some chapter headings: You Mean he can Capture That Way?, An Accident Waiting to Happen, When is a Trap not a Trap?, Never Trust What You Read, The One Tree GMs Missed!, The One Hundred Percenter ... Nice one Steve. Let's have some more books from you!

Chess Monthly, September 1998


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