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Improve Your Middlegame Play
Titel: Improve Your Middlegame Play
Auteur: Kinsman A.
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Taal: Engels
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A thorough understanding of the middlegame is essential for any aspiring player wishing to improve their game. This book uses examples from practical play to develop tactical and positional skills and awareness to enable you to make the most of your opportunities in the middlegame.


5 1. What is the Middlegame?

A Beginning, a Middle and an End

Tactical and Positional Play

A Simple Plan

An Expensive Lesson

The Structure of this Book

16 2. Fundamentals of Positional Play

The Role of Pawn Structure

'Worst Piece First'

The Wrong Rook

The Perils of 'Playing by Rote'

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44 3. Keeping Control

It's a Jungle out there!

Pawns cannot move Backwards!

Opposite-Coloured Bishops

Another Painful Lesson

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73 4. Avoiding Blunders

Introducing 'Mr Blunderbuss'

It can happen to the Best of Us

Don't be too Clever

One Bad Move begets Another

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85 5. Attacking Play

The Greatest Attacking Player

Boxing Clever

(Almost) following in Tal's Footsteps

The Unexpected Tactic

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104 6. Turning Things Around

Playing the Percentages

Throwing in the 'Impossible' Move

Snatching Victory from the Jaws of Defeat

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119 7. The Time Control

Beating the Clock

Countering the Opponent's Time-Trouble

After the Time Control

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132 8. Solutions to Exercises

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